Freelance director, producer and editor.
This showreel includes clips from tv shows, music videos and commercials I worked on during the last few years. It was mostly shot in Alexa from ARRI, Epic RED, XDCam, Canon 5D and GO PRO. Hope you like it! :-) Watch in Vimeo ยป
I'm currently looking to take on new projects so feel free to contact me with any and all ideas you may have. Even if it's the craziest project concept, don't hesitate! I like doing new things and finding ways to turn a seemingly impossible project into a reality. I specialize in developing television shows from scratch and seeing the production process all the way through to the final product. However, I still very much enjoy creating music videos, commercials and all other kinds of audiovisual projects. For more information regarding bookings, please contact me here.

What I do

Producing and direction tv shows since 2007. Specialized in developing to tv formats. You can see some samples of my work in my showreel. Unfortunately, some of my developing work is still processing or on hold so I'm unable to release that footage. I will constantly be updating my content as more of my work is released.

Directing and shooting music videos and commercials for all kinds audiences. This is probably the most exciting aspect of my work, because I like to try out new things to discover what does or doesn't work in order to achieve the most inspiring results.

Featured Works

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Latest Commercial Work and Music Videos